TU Delft
About TU Delft & role in Triple-A

TU Delft is the coordinator of the Triple-A project. Within TU Delft 3 departments are involved: the department Management in the Built Environment (MBE), OTB Research for the Built Environment and TU Delft Valorisation Centre.

The department Management in the Built Environment (MBE)

  • Manages the Triple-A project
  • Provides education in the Bachelor programme of Architecture, provides the international MBE Master programme (formerly Real Estate & Housing) and conducts scientific research.
  • MBE focuses on each phase of a building's life cycle: from initiative to its ultimate use. This is necessary to have the buildings and the built environment function properly and to have them meet end users' requirements.
  • A low-carbon policy is important, but a policy in itself is not enough. MBE has an eye for the link between policy and construction management and offers academic baggage for a national or international future in the dynamic action field of the building industry.
  • For Triple-A, MBE provides expertise in the fields of housing management, low-carbon technologies, construction management, adoption of innovation, neighborhood development and local policies.

OTB Research for the Built Environment

  • seeks to make a visible contribution to society by addressing societal challenges in the field of the built environment.
  • They do this by means of our specialist scientific research and education in this area as part of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.
  • The emphasis lies on scientific impact and societal relevance.
  • They specifically aim to increase the significance of scientific research, while continuing to focus on the vital exchange between problem-oriented and practically applicable research.
  • For Triple-A, OTB contributes with specific research on business models for consultancy centers and scoping and evaluation of available home energy management systems.

TU Delft Valorisation Centre

  • For a successful European project good management is as important as knowledge and creativity.
  • In order for staff to be able to focus on research for applications that bring added value to society, we have help from the TU Delft Valorisation Centre, who offers project management knowledge and financial follow-up.