Triple-A methodology

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Triple-A Methodology
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Triple-A will help local authorities in stimulating energy efficient home-renovations by homeowners.

This will be done through promoting better Awareness of, Access to, and Adoption of low-carbon technologies among households.

To reach these goals, ​​4 actions will be set up:

  1. Enhancing web communication
  2. Testing home energy monitoring systems
  3. Setting up pop-up consultancy centres
  4. Installing real-life demo's of technologies for energy efficient retrofitting

For each action, local authorities together with wider project partners and stakeholders (including the energy supply side), will go through the process of:

  • Scoping (market research and benchmarking)
  • Designing and testing
  • Evaluating
  • Sustaining (ensuring continuity of all actions by offering guidelines to other local authorities on how to implement them)
The received input will then serve to improve the implementation of all of them and will finally be drawn in a general implementation guideline.
The Triple-A implementation guideline will be a usefull instrument for:
  • Local authorities
    but also for:
  • National governments
  • The European Commission
  • Other interested stakeholders (supply side, financial organisations, etc.)

The guideline will:
  • Offer useful advice on how to implement the above actions into other housing retrofit projects
  • Convey which barriers and good practices the local authorities encountered in using the method
  • Contain insights from behavioural studies on engaging residents to make home improvements by using low-carbon technologies
​​More info about the actions, is to be found under guidelines for local authorities.