Real-life demo exemplars


Low-carbon technologies will be installed in different houses. They will be monitored through HEMS (action 2) and demonstrated in real-life to other homeowners during open home events. 

 Increase awareness and adoption of low-carbon technologies.

Project approach & advantages

Real-life demonstrations support future investments in low-carbon technologies by homeowners, since they prove in a comprehensive way it actually works.

To suit variable needs in each partner region, 4 demonstration models will tested:

  1. Partial retrofit, utilising innovative and/or new technologies:
    E.g. battery storage & PV will be installed in selected houses on individual level.
    ​Where? Kent, Picardie, Rotterdam
  2. Whole house and/or nearly zero carbon retrofit:
    Selected houses will be retrofitted at once on individual level. This may include passive house insulation standards or the installation of heat pumps and PV.

    Where? Antwerpen, Breda, Mechelen, Rotterdam
  3. Collective retrofit:
    By means of group purchases, selected houses will execute the same kind of retrofitting against the same conditions. The focus is on roof and wall insulation, although replacement of heating systems can also occur.

    Where? EOS Oostende, Picardie, Rotterdam
  4. Retrofit in stages:
    Creating a long term plan for the whole property.

    Where? Rotterdam, Breda

Guidelines will be developed during the course of the project and will be stored here once finished.