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Triple-A Methodology
Interreg 2 Seas

The overall aim of Triple-A is to increase the adoption of low-carbon technologies (e.g. solar PV systems, smart energy storage, heat pumps, micro-CHP, solid insulation, reduction of thermal bridges, ventilation, home energy management systems, etc.) by home-owners in single-family-housing.

This is done by - together with different stakeholders- developing and implementing a Triple-A method as a useful tool for Local Authorities, which shall result in higher renovation rates and less carbon emissions in the 2 Seas region.

The project contributes to:
  • Local supply chain collaboration and innovative business models
  • Strengthening web portals of Local Authorities by providing a set of web modules (a.o. a cost & energy saving estimation tool)
  • Creating different types of pop-up centres to provide consultancy to homeowners
  • Increased awareness of a wide range of technologies by showing different types of exemplars in real life and by letting homeowners use pretested home energy monitoring systems
  • A cross-border guideline, which Local Authorities can use to implement the Triple-A method in their community